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Push beyond your limits:

Come experience the Magical Cosmic Journey featuring a new perspective on life, high vibration, deep healing, and a view behind the veil. Join us to unlock sacred knowledge of the ancients, drop the illusion, drop the karma. Remember and feel the Truth of who you really are... the Higher you... and Be that Now.


People from all over gather together to experience the Plant Music Therapy™ benefits of Pixie, the singing prayer plant. Her magical music reduces stress, detoxes the body, strengthens the immune system and increases a sense of peace, well-being and relaxation. 

Quantum Field Connection:

Be enfolded in a Quantum energy from Beyond that upgrades your DNA and facilitates your inner harmony. Raise your intuition to new heights. Experience the Secret Life of the Cosmos.

Cosmic Journey Leaders

Teresa Helgeson, C.Ht, RMT

Plant Music Whisperer 

Teresa creates sacred space using her sound healing tools to open a portal to the higher realms where you can access the expanded dimensions of consciousness. Teresa is a leading edge pioneer who discovered a new form of sound healing while researching the healing effects of the music plants play. CEO Pixie’s Sound Gardens, Founder Plant Music Therapy™, Certified Hypnotherapist specializing in Medical Hypnosis, Sound Healer, Author, Speaker, Reiki Master Teacher, Crystal and Drumming Practitioner  

Rebecca Kidd

Biogenesis Expert 

Rebecca Kidd has been practicing Healing Arts for over 25 years, she is a Certified Healing Touch practitioner and owns Healing Arts Associates, LLC. She has worked with the BioGenesis Tools and Technologies for the past 19 years. She enjoys creating healing environments where participants are facilitated to experience quantum shifts. She is the Co-Developer of the Integrated Therapies Department at Valley View Hospital and is a published author. 

Labor Day Sale thru Sept 8th!


The Details

Where: Christ Congregation Church, 2500 S Sheridan Blvd, Denver, CO 80227 

When: Saturday, Sept 14th @ 7:00pm - 9:00 pm (Doors open at 6:30pm)  

Price: $44 early bird, $50 at door

What to bring: Yoga mat, light blanket, pillow, bottled water, journal, pen 

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Reviews from Our Community

During my time with Pixie singing her " love healing song to me" I felt a shift..... The most peaceful feeling and no pain or issue's with my health like a magical wand was waved over me and Poof the healing has started! Teresa made me a CD from Pixie..... When I received it , I was like the little girl I used to be at Christmas. Excited to put it into my CD player, I played Pixie and their again came this peaceful, magical feeling!  

 Maggie Decker, Evanston, IL Writer, Interior Designer, Healer and Child Advocate for Children of Divorce 

The benefits, transformations, and healings Teresa and Pixie have provided me, continue to bless and astound me months later. I've experienced first hand:

(1) Nearly instantaneous and sustained migraine pain relief. (2) Total resolution of insomnia. (3) Immediate and profound reduction in stress and anxiety. (4) Immediate sense of a calm, balanced peacefulness. (5) Increased/improved physical, emotional and mental vitality and (6). A deep sense of overall joy and wellbeing

Ellen McCarty, Carlsbad, CA Sustainable Success Coach 

WOW! First, I felt totally relaxed. The knots that had taken up residence in my shoulders for the last 2 years were greatly reduced. Nothing I had tried previously to relieve those knots had worked. Nothing! In my first session with Pixie my pain was greatly reduced...and that reduction in pain and stiffness continued in the following sessions. Another benefit: the best night’s sleep I have ever experienced. If you ever get a chance to experience Pixie, take it. You will be happy you did.  

Marilyn Hough, Orenco Station, OR Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist  

I really enjoyed the experience of the Crystal Bowl sound therapy, but I was even more thrilled with the results following the session! My energy level was elevated and the chronic joint pain was barely perceptible - it was a wonderful feeling.  

Beverly Howell

I noticed immediately that it was easier to walk and I was not as sore. It was easier stepping down the stairs and going up the stairs was 60% better than usual. My left hip didn’t sting at all after a very busy afternoon and usually my pain level is 10++. For the first time in three years it was a 9. I wasn’t stiff the next morning and didn’t feel my hip hurting like it usually did.

Sherry B., Englewood, CO 

In the past few weeks I have noticed I have a stronger sense of being grounded, even when stressed there is an awareness of my inner, grounded, happy self!

Lisa, Westminster, CO 

During my 12 sessions, I slowly received more energy overall. I changed my work schedule to reduce the amount of time I required to rest between my massage appointments from 60 min to 15 min. This was an increase in my endurance which was part of a shorter recovery time. By the way this was a wonderful benefit. I believe that my balance is also better. I've had clients comment they notice that I am walking steadier and stronger. They're right. I am. Thank you and Pixie!

Paula C., Denver, CO  

Pixie was helping me heal a long standing issue, and when she was done, I could see her ‘sewing’ me up energetically and wrapping vines of healing around the affected area. I felt much different afterwards and since I do energetic healing, I know what she did was profound and correct as far as a procedure for my ailment. Four days later, I am still feeling the changes. I know what she did for me was exactly what I needed. It was amazing.  

Robyn H. Lysne, Ph.D, Los Gatos, CA  

Rebecca is an exceptional healer. Her presence is loving and gentle and she is naturally sensitive to your problems. With the power of her BioGenesis tools the healing you receive is noticeable and profound. I would highly recommend her.  

Carol K. Arvada, CO 

Rebecca’s compassion for others is outstanding, her healing skills come from the highest plane of spiritual life based on her innate personal desire to connect with wholeness within. Fullness of Heart, Spirit and Love gives special qualities that sets Rebecca at her high level of skill.  

Pamela Curlee Denver, CO  

When I first heard of Healing Touch with BioGenesis, I was skeptical, but having experienced the movement of energy through this treatment has been so uplifting. It has helped to release anger/frustrations, ease my body aches, helped calm my mind and has given much needed peace to my daily life and thoughts. It has made such a difference for me, as I will continue to receive treatments with Rebecca.  

Sharon M. Tucson, AZ

I have not been able to set up treatments routinely, but if I had the time I absolutely would. The negative energy that is released through treatment has helped immensely. I've been able to find peace of mind, have less body aches and tension and treatments have helped to promote actual sleep as I suffer from insomnia.  

Jimmy M Tuscon, AZ 

I feel so grateful having Rebecca in my life, she truly has a gift from God/Spirit. What is so attractive about her energy is her grounded " Beingness." She shines and has such a comforting soul which totally contributes to her facilitating ones’ healing process. Just being around her can give you a sense of acceptance and love.  

Having experienced her "work", I felt her passion, intention and heart through totally being present, which left me in such a balanced, peaceful and grounded state. Thank you for your heartfelt "work". I appreciate you.  

Sara Warren Westminster, CO 

Rebecca has a very gentle, loving and soothing touch, while also being very powerful. She is very compassionate and caring and creates a very safe space with her work, which allows you to completely relax and take in the maximum healing. I would recommend having a session with her to anyone I know.  

Kaye P Denver, CO  

I have found Healing Touch to be a relaxing energy therapy effective in balancing the daily effects of mental and physical stressors with emotional and spiritual responses. I am fortunate indeed to have discovered the benefits of my own body’s natural inherent healing processes through the professional guidance and treatments of Ms. Rebecca Kidd, a certified Healing Touch Practitioner.  

The incorporation of BioGenesis tools creates a coherent and balanced energy field that, in my case, quieted pain in the neck and spine while creating a sense of well-being allowing me to return to my daily life activities with a renewed sense of purpose. Ms. Kidd’s treatments are purposeful built on stated intentions. She completes her work deftly with a gentle spirit.  

Sonny Bertschinger Tucson, AZ